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Items 0 – 999

  • Modèle A89-v1547mm
  • Modèle A74-10642mm
  • Modèle A9-21248mm
  • Modèle A115-21547mm
  • Modèle A93-23452mm
  • Modèle A121-60450mm
  • Modèle A56-664050mm
  • Modèle A96-61648mm
  • Modèle A46-62346mm
  • Modèle A83-62649mm
  • Modèle A58-62949mm
  • Modèle A86-63050mm
  • Modèle A1-631A48mm
  • Modèle 634-50mm
  • Modèle A100-63850mm
  • Modèle A72-71347mm
  • Modèle A81-73152mm
  • Modèle A51-80146mm

Items 1000 – 2000


After you chose your model number and size, select the lense color of your choice.

A first choice supplier

As a distributor, we offer a large range of ready-to-wear solar clip-on selection. We have more than 50 models of clip-ons available in sizes from 46mm to 62mm. The clip-ons are available in black or brown and the lenses in grey or brown. You can also choose your type of lens as we have both polarized and CR39. This concept is made to help eye care professionals offer a large choice and different possibilities to their own clients, always at an affordable price.

The online catalog is created to help our customers quickly find the right size of clip-on. Please contact us to know more about our selections, our displays and prices.

You need a right fit, we have it!